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NEW 721 Scuderia & Superveloce Pro

Reds Racing is glad to announce that 721 Scuderia Gen2 Pro and 721 Superveloce Pro off-road engines are now available. Due to the great success of the 721 Scuderia Pro Limited Edition engine, we decided to improve the old version of our 721 Scuderia Gen2 and 721 Superveloce engines with a new 3 needle carburetor.

Reds Racing 721 Scuderia Gen2 Pro off-road engine was developed to obtain a fast and reliable engine characterized by a noticeably low fuel consumption.

This engine comes with an extremely performing 3 needle carburetor which will allow better and easier tuning in all conditions. Furthermore, thanks to its mid range needle, this carburetor guarantees more linear power delivery and greater power.

Reds Racing 721 Scuderia Gen2 Pro is available in two versions, black and red.

Reds Racing 721 Superveloce Pro off-road engine was specifically designed to be extremely drivable and fast and therefore especially suitable for tracks where having more speed and power can give you an advantage. In combination with that, this engine guarantees you great fuel mileage and high reliability.

Our 721 Superveloce Pro engine comes with a 3 needle carburetor and the new Airboost Backplate which guarantees an extremely linear power delivery. This makes this engine super powerful but at the same time extremely drivable.


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