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REDS Racing offroad clutch system has been developed to make the engine power output more linear and smoother. The REDS clutch is guaranteed to provide the best traction, vehicle driveability and low fuel consumption. REDS clutch system is completely adjustable. You can choose different combinations of spring diameters, clutch shoes and flywheels. REDS clutch system is 100% made in Italy and comes pre-assembled to guarantee the best performance and reliability.
Reds Racing Tetra Clutch detail with eng


Springs, Shoes, Flywheels
REDS new clutch system comes with 3 preload adjustments on the front plate to fit any type of ground and engine output. You can change the spring preload on the front plate from H to M and to L (High, Medium and Low position). The 1.1mm spring was introduced (available as an optional part) to further increase the number of setup combinations to best suit your driving style and track conditions.
Reds Racing Tetra Clutch V3 exploded vie
The new clutch system features a new dust-proof flywheel which has been improved compared to its previous version to protect the engine front bearing from dirt even on high-dust conditions. Furthermore, we have improved shoes and springs to optimize fuel consumption and performance. Shoes and springs can be used on our previous clutch versions.
Reds Racing Tetra Clutch V3 Alu side.jpg
The new 7075 Aluminum and Carbon clutch shoes have been redesigned to increase wear resistance. In addition, the new shoes are lighter to allow and engage at higher revs and lower inertia to rotation. 
V3.0 Clutch System comes with 4 alu shoes and 1.0 mm springs but you can also get optional parts such as carbon shoes and 1.1 mm springs.
We have developed 2 different models of the V3.0 Clutch and both are available with 32 and 34 diameter to make it suitable for different car models.
  • Aluminum Clutch: medium inertia, good on all type of track layouts.
  • Steel Clutch: high inertia, recommended for low grip tracks.
XH and XXH front plates have been specifically developed for the truggy class and available only as option parts. All front plates have been redesigned to make assembly easier and last longer with either the 1.0 and 1.1 mm springs.
Reds Racing Tetra Clutch V3 steel


Steel Flywheel

Reds Racing Tetra Clutch V3 Alu 34d.jpg


Alu Flywheel


Complete Compatibilty
REDS Racing clutches are leaders in RC and they are renown for reliability, innovation and compatibility with all model cars on the market. They are suitable for any type of car (Buggy and Truggy). 32 mm for Kyosho, JQ, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray. 34 mm for Sworkz, Mugen, Team Losi, Agama, Tekno. The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above. 



Reds Racing Tetra Clutch V3 many version




Wider Range
REDS clutch bells are now suitable for several car brands such as: Sworkz, Kyosho, JQ, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray, Mugen, Team Losi, Agama, Tekno. The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above and comes in different sizes from 13 up to 18 teeth.


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