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Boots 2nd at 1/10 BRCA Rd2!

Race Report by Elliott Boots:

BRCA rd2 national at Kidderminster is over, overall another great weekend, I managed to make the main in 2wd and finish 9th overall, I was still very happy to make the Main.

4wd was another story, the car was on pace immediately and was very comfortable to drive, in a few rounds I was challenging for TQ but just missed out and ended up 3rd overall. In the first 2 legs of the main finals it was Neil, Lee and myself who was able to break away from the rest of the field, I tried to get pass on a few occasions but the track being so small and technical there wasnt really much space to do so.

Neil won the first 2 finals giving him the overall win so a big well done to him, he drove awesome.

Leg 3 and it was between Lee and myself to see who would finish 2nd and 3rd, we set off and it was business as usual with us 3 breaking away to do battle, after a few laps Neil made a mistake which allowed Lee and me to get through, it was very close racing on a 1 line track, after 3 mins of following Lee he ran a little wide on the concrete allowing to get to the inside, unfortunately he came across me and we just touched wheels, as we did Lee hit the gas and spun out as the concrete was super loose. I took the lead and now had Neil breathing down my kneck, I managed to hold him off for the next few laps to take leg 3 win and finish 2nd overall.

Was super happy with the result and it means I am still very much in the mix for the championship. Looking forward to the next one...

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