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Monteiro TQ and Win at Portoguese Nats Rd1!

We would like to congratulate with Reds Racing Team driver Ricardo Monteiro for taking the TQ and 1st position at Portoguese Nats!

Monteiro was using WRX CorsaLunga engine, 2104 pipe and S manifold

Race Report by Ricardo Monteiro:

Back to the reports with the 1st round of Portugal Nats!!

Great weekend of racing, managed to get TQ and win in Nitro.

The whole package was amazing and got faster and easier throughout the 2 days, with my brain dying a little bit for the nitro semis and ebuggy mains, still that's racing and I'm super happy I managed to bounce back come the nitro main and run a good pace for the whole 45 mins, crashing something like 2 times during the final

Thanks to my amazing sponsors for their continued support, my parents for everything and last but not least congrats to my bro João Figueiredo RC Driver for the ebuggy win,I will get you next time!!!...Onto the next one now, which hopefully should be the next round of Spanish Nats for another great race with high level hehe

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