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REDS Racing is pleased to release their brand-new WRX Corsa Lunga™ engine. The engine is designed with an extra long stroke and 5 ports that features increased low-to middle-range torque. REDS All-new WRX Corsa Lunga™ is a long stroke extreme torque engine. REDS Racing has created the WRXCorsa Lunga™ engine following the philosophy of product innovation, high quality, high performance and reliability. Everything that makes the WRX unique today is an extraordinary step forward.


The WRX faetures Extra Long Stroke geometry 16x17.3 mm, 5 scavenger ports and a single exhaust port cylinder sleeve and works with the crankcase to deliver more low-to middle-range torque with less fuel consumption. The engine has been designed to develop an incredible wide RPM range of usable torque, which makes the WRX Corsa Lunga one of the fastest engine worldwide.

THE NEW COOLING SYSTEM The brand new cooling system has been specifically developed to widen the operating range so that the engine can work well in extremely hot conditions. Furthermore, the new cooling system has been created to guarantee a more consistent tuning in every track condition.

A DIAMOND IS FOREVER We decided to improve REDS Racing engines line and provide the all-new WR Line engines with a DLC Coated crankshaft and backplate for improved engine durability. The crankshaft can last approximately 3 times more than a coventional steel crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened about 50%.

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