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Worlds Race Report

2016 iFMAR World Championship is over and we are happy with the results achieved. More than 30 drivers were using REDS engines, representing the second most chosen engine at the World Championship. During qualifying, Elliott Boots managed to TQ 3 out of 6 rounds, qualifying 2nd Overall while Ryan Maifield qualified 6th and Cody King 9th.

Cole Ogden, Ryan Maifield, Elliott Boots and Cody King managed to get to the semi-final. In the Main final Ryan Maifield finished 8th and Elliott Boots 10th, while Cole missed the Main final for only 5 seconds.

All REDS Team drivers were using REDS #WorldsEdition engine combined with EFRA 2104 pipe and S manifold or 2112 pipe, M manifold and T5C glow plug. Most of REDS drivers were using REDS Quattro Clutch System.

All REDS engines performed flawlessly from the beginning of qualifying to the Main final, proving to be high-reliability and high-quality engines. Our Team drivers only used one engine for the whole event with no need to replace it.

We would like to congratulate with the entire REDS team and with all the people who supported us during the whole event.

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