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Elliott Boots wins PG Racing race

Last weekend was held the PGracing event in Tuscany, Italy. The track was very technical with lots of challenging jumps and turns. Many drivers were present including several top Italian drivers such as Alex Zanchettin, Davide Tortorici, Fabrizio Teghesi and the European champion Elliott Boots. The 45mins main final on this technical track will be intense. At the start of the race, Tortorici, Zanchettin and Boots will break away from the rest of the field and began to battle.

Boots will try to find a way passed Zanchettin for a few laps which allowed Tortorici to gap a little. Once Alex passed, Boots begins hunting down Tortorici. After around the 10mins mark Boots was able to take the lead and not look back. The REDS driver managed to get in a comfortable rhythm and not make any mistakes for the rest of the race. After the 45mins Boots will be able to take the win from Fabrizio Teghesi and Alex Zanchetin.

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