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When buying a new engine you always want it to last as long as possible and hopefully our

guide will help you make the most of your next or current engine.

Choosing the correct fuel not just in brand but also Nitro and oil percentage is also important for getting the best running.

Nitro Content:

The higher the nitro content the more power that can be produced. However higher nitro quantities can require different head shimming. For Off-road use we recommend 25% or 30% only. 25% is normally the most commonly used and available. The 30% is recommended at higher altitude to regain the loss of power due to the altitude.

Oil content:

For running in the engine you want to have good lubrication and a higher oil content than the normal running fuel is recommended. For Byron we recommend using the standard 25% Gen 2 fuel which contains 11% oil giving greater lubrication for the engine components. After running in is complete we recommend switching to the Byron 25% Worlds Blend which contains 8% oil. This helps to give a cleaner burn and better idle we have found and a better throttle response due to the lower oil content, which is desirable for racing.

The next piece before even running the engine for the first time is the air filter. The air filter is very important in making sure you have not only the correct oil but also the correct foam.

Many aftermarket air filter foams are of a differing foam density to the manufacturer's original specification and quality, try to stick with the originals for the best filtration and protection of your engine.

The type of oil you use is also of great importance and after testing many different brands the best we have found have been, Kyosho, Mugen and Motul Motocross oil as all have the correct characteristics you want from the oil .

We also recommend running a small amount of white grease around the filter housing face edge on the outer foam this helps to create a better seal and lowers the chance of any dust managing to get past.

The amount of time a filter should be used depends upon the track conditions, in very dusty conditions it is best to run a new filter for every run (never wash and reuse air filter foams as small dust particles become trapped within the filter). If dust reaches the second stage inner filter change immediately.

By Liam Galvin -

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