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Stringer Double TQ and Win in Toowoomba!

Report By Aaron and Mark Stringer.

Over 60 drivers attended the inaugural "King of the Mountain" held at Toowoomba. It was an early start (5.00am) Saturday morning for us as it was a 3 hour drive to the track. We were entered in Truggy and Buggy.

Round 1

Truggy was up first and the REDS R5T TE was on fire in the cooler conditions and Aaron set TQ for the class. Buggy was next and by this stage Aaron had got the hang of the layout and set a 12 lap run, the only driver to do so and taking TQ for Buggy. The new REDS R5T TE V3 was just amazing in the Buggy, this new engine is just brilliant.

Round 2

Driver and the motor were on fire again allowing Aaron to take another double TQ for this round

Round 3

The track was getting a good groove on it by this round allowing Aaron to set the fastest time of the day and once again take a double TQ. This allowed Aaron to take the overall TQ for both classes with 2 rounds up our sleeve.

Round 4

After a good night sleep we rolled back to the track for Round 4. We were hoping for a clean sweep in TQ's but a mechanical issue in the truggy saw our only DNF for qualifying. The Buggy was just flying now and Aaron took his 4th TQ of the event.

Round 5

Everything went according to the plan this round and Aaron took the double TQ again.


First up was Truggy and Aaron got a clean start from pole position and just cleared out and won the final by over 3 laps.

Buggy was the last race of the event and Aaron got an ok start from pole with 2nd and 3rd in close pursuit, but 3 mins in the race computer suffered a glitch causing the race to be stopped while the issue was fixed.

The 2nd start tot eh A-Main was much better and Aaron used the power of the REDS engine to drive away from his opposition. By the end of the 40 min main Aaron had put 2 laps on 2nd place taking his second win of the weekend and taking the mantle as "King of the Mountain".

Overall the REDS engines were perfect providing great power and run time. It's now a quick turn around for this weekends "Rumble in the Night"

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