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Reds TETRA GT 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch

REDS Racing is glad to announce the release of a brand new Clutch System specifically developed for 1-8 GT Class. 

The new GT Clutch design allows for super-easy clutch setting from soft to hard, each one suitable for different track conditions and racing styles and improves clutch bell engagement for better engine response and improved throttle feel.

The clutch setting can be tuned with the adjustment nut to control the engagement point as desired though the variation of spring preload.

The new 4-shoe clutch system comes with: flywheel, graphite clutch shoes, clutch spring, assembly screws, flywheel collet, flywheel nut and  pressure sleeve.

Main Features: • 4-shoe Graphite design • Super-easy clutch setting though preload spring • More balanced clutch bell engagement • Improves engagement • Improves throttle feel


MUAX0001 CLUTCH GT ADJUSTABLE 4 CARBON SHOES D32 KIT 761000968270 MUAX0002 CLUTCH GT ADJUSTABLE 4 CARBON SHOES D34 KIT 761000968287 MUAX0003 FLYWHEEL GT CLUTCH D32mm ALU 761000968294 MUAX0004 FLYWHEEL GT CLUTCH D34mm ALU 761000968300 MUAX0005 SPRINGS d 2mm, L 10mm, GT CLUTCH 761000968317 MUAX0006 NUT GT CLUTCH 761000968324 MUAX0007 PRELOAD NUT GT CLUTCH 761000968331 MUAX0008 SHOES 4x CARBON GT CLUTCH 761000968348 MUAX0009 FRONT PLATE GT CLUTCH 761000968355 MUAX0010 SHOES 4x YELLOW GT CLUTCH 761000968362 MUAX0011 COLLETT GT 761000968379


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