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Reds Racing Oil Bath Break-In

The Break In Service explained RC engines require specific break in procedures representing a critical step that will affect their future life and performance. For this reason REDS Racing is pleased to offer the possibility of two safe and professional break in procedures that suit all REDS engines: Pre-break in service by Mario Rossi which needs to be concluded on the racetrack and the complete Race Ready service that only requires slight tuning adjustments based on your climate.

OIL BATH PRE-BREAK IN With over 40 years experience in Nitro Engines and RC Nitro racing, Mario Rossi has developed a blend of oil and a process for breaking-in nitro engines using the Oil Bath. The pre break-in process saves time, fuel and increases the performance over the traditional break-in process. Hard work and commitment has earned the trust of many of the world’s top drivers. The same pre break-in service used by Elliott Boots, Juan Carlos Canas, Cole Ogden, Kyle McBride, Marco Baruffolo, Leonardo Valente and many others.

Post EBIS Instructions

Thank you for choosing Reds Racing engines! After we complete the EBIS Break-In service there are a few steps that you will need to do to ensure a long and healthy life of your engine. These post EBIS instructions have been tuned to give your REDS engine maximum life and performance. 1: Heat the engine up to 80° (180 F) to 90° (200 F) using an engine heater or heat gun. 2: Start the engine. The carburetor comes already adjusted, but you might need to make slight adjustments depending on your fuel, car, weather, and height, but overall the setting will be very similar. 3: Use a 12% break in fuel or add 2% Castor oil (alternatively a castor based blend) to normal racing fuel.

Tank 1 and 2: Let the engine idle and heat saturate for 1-2 minutes. During this time you can fine-tune the idle adjustment and slowly apply the throttle to burn out any excess assembly oil. Start running the car on the track or in a parking lot. The engine should be crisp on bottom to mid, but still slightly rich on top. At the completion of tank 2, let the engine cool down with the piston at bottom dead center.

Tank 3 and 4: Preheat the engine and continue running on the track for 2 tanks. You can lean out the high speed needle staying on the rich side. Stop the engine and make sure the piston is at the bottom dead center.

Tank 5 and 6: Preheat the engine and continue running on the track. At this point you should be pretty close to race tune with the high speed needle slightly rich to provide proper lubrication. The engine will continue to improve and gain run-time over the next 1 gallon, but you should be ready to go racing.


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