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McBride Wins 2020 Australian Buggy and Truggy Nats

Reds Racing would like to congratulate with Kyle McBride for winning 2020 Australian 1/8 Buggy and Truggy Nationals.

Kyle was using the following setup:

- 721 Scuderia engine

- 2143 X-One Pipe

- Tetra Clutch System

- TS3 Glow Plug

Race Report by Kyle McBride

This past weekend I attended the 2020 Australian Off-Road Nationals at the beautiful MORBC RC club down in Mebourne, Victoria. This national I would be aiming to secure my 10th consecutive win in row to add to my resume!

We arrived Wednesday in preparation for the following day where we would begin practice, closely followed by the start of qualifying. The track started off a little loose as expected but within a few rounds of practice the blue groove had began to show. Normally the track gets very grooved and not much dust but with dry conditions before the race the dust was quite high around the track (especially off the line). I got both my Truggy and Buggy’s dialled in, testing different tires in practice to get comfortable for the changing track conditions.

Qualifying I had some good and bad luck, with 4 rounds to be run I managed to get 2nd place after running into a bit of bad luck in some of my qualifiers. I had extremely good pace and was feeling confident regardless going into the finals with both my vehicles! By the end of qualifying I had decided on Proline’s S3 Slidelock to head into the semi and final with my buggy and S3 Electroshot in my truck!.

Due to the situation in the world and in Australia, the club were forced to finish the event early, so they cut out the times of the lower finals, got rid of one qualifying round and we were to finish everything on the Saturday instead of Sunday.

By the end of the day Saturday we were due for the 1 hour long buggy final. The track was very high grip but still had that dust off the line which would prove to be difficult later in the race. I got to a great start and the battle began… I would end up battling over the 1 hour race with a fellow competitor. Swapping the lead a few times throughout the race but one thing that I did have up my sleeve was one less pit stop. My Reds Racing 721 Scuderia was providing me with great runtime, and this would get me the win in the end. I had some bad luck getting caught up with other drivers on track which made the race a little more difficult for me. But in the end, I prevailed once again and went on to secure my 10th Australian championship in a row!

I can’t explain how proud and happy I was to win this one, to have done this with my dad and all of my sponsors I couldn’t have been more stoked with the result for us all!

I also when on to win the Truggy final by over a lap and a half at the end of the 45 minutes, to top off what had been an amazing weekend of racing.

Thank you so much to my sponsors for their continuous support and everything you all do for me, this one felt awesome!!!

Kyle McBride


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