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Reds Racing V2.1 Tetra Clutch Scuderia Edition

Reds Racing is glad to release V2.1 Tetra Clutch system setup specifically configured for 721 Scuderia off-road engine. The new clutch setup features 4 x aluminum shoes and 4 x 1.0 springs which improve the 721 Scuderia engine power delivery. Reds Tetra clutch 721 Scuderia edition combined with Reds Racing Clutch bells have proven to guarantee an extraordinary fuel mileage in recent tests and competitions. REDS clutch system is available both with 32mm and 34mm diameter to make it suitable for any type of car. #SKU: MUQU0059 > CLUTCH TETRA ADJUSTABLE 4 ALU SHOES D32 KIT V2.1 SCUDERIA Edition MUQU0060 > CLUTCH TETRA ADJUSTABLE 4 ALU SHOES D34 KIT V2.1 SCUDERIA Edition It is possible to purchase as optional parts: High Inertia flywheel for low acceleration, recommended for low grip tracks Low Inertia flywheel for high acceleration, recommended for high grip tracks Using the configurable top plate and springs, there are 6 different combinations: 1.0 and 1.1 mm springs and 3 preload adjustments with the top plate.

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