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New WRX HE 3.4CC

REDS Racing is pleased to release their new WRX High Efficiency 3.4cc engine.The new engine has specifically been developed to noticeably reduce fuel consumption allowing drivers to get more than 9 minutes runtime. Reds Racing Team have been working together on several aspects of WRX Corsa Lunga engine to get: reduced displacement 3.4cc, a special High Efficiency crankshaft with a restrictor to get improved fuel mileage and the new VCX3 carburetor. Furthermore, we have recently developed 2113 off road pipe, if combined with L manifold guarantees a superior performance.

Stock Number: #ENBU0019 Displacement: 3.40 cc Bore: 16.03 mm Stroke: 16.80 mm Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000 Fuel Consumption: higher than 9 minutes (You can get more than 10 minutes with optimal tuning and break in conditions) Weight: 350 g Recommended exhaust: 2113 buggy pipe and L manifold #KM210010 Includes: TS3 Turbo glow plug, exhaust gasket, 6.5 mm carb venturi, dust cap set

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