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REDS Racing releases the new WR5 Black DIAMOND™ LTD engine. The Limited Edition WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ engine is a 5 PORT with special features based on the famous R5T Team Edition engine that has been a staple in the REDS lineup for 6 years. Torque Vs High Efficiency WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ is available in two different models: WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ and WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ HE High Efficiency.

#ENBU0011 WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ LTD WR5 features the classic well known REDS 5 ports high torque power band. #ENBU0014 WR5 BLACK DIAMOND™ HE High Efficiency LTD WR5 HE High Efficiency features low fuel consumption system and smooth power band for high driveability.

BLACK DIAMOND™ We have improved the REDS 5 ports engine with a Black Diamond DLC Coated crankshaft. The DLC crankshaft can last approximately 3-4 times more than a standard crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness and low friction of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened about 50%. HCX™ Carb Upgrade We provided the WR5 with an improved HCX™ Carburetor featuring a new Flow Improved Low Speed Needle and new 7075 Aluminum Fuel Intake for improved tuning stability in extreme temperatures. Gloss Black The WR5 comes with a brand new Black Gloss Cooling Head which features an innovative design for improved air flow in order to increase the cooling and guarantee a low gravity center. The new cooling head is 10% lighter than the previous 5 ports generation.

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