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REDS All-New R7 Evoke V4.0

Specific for indoor and/or low grip tracks

REDS Racing has created the R7 Evoke V4.0 engine following the philosophy of product innovation, high quality and reliability. The V4.0 is specially aimed at the use on low grip and narrow circuits where the torque curve of the engine can give an advantage. Everything that makes the Evoke unique today is an extraordinary step forward. The engine has been redesigned internally for an improved fuel consumption and bottom torque. We worked on areas such as sleeve, piston, combustion chamber and crankshaft. Furthermore, we advise to combine the Evoke with REDS all-new EFRA 2143 pipe to further improve fuel mileage and drivability.

We preserved all EVOKE features like:: HCX Carburetor, GEN2 venturi, Anti-Dirt Sealing System, Diamond Hard Coated Backplate, Balanced Crankshaft, and Mario Rossi Tuning. Furthermore, the R7 Evoke comes with a brand-new cooling head design.