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REDS Racing M3 WORLD TOURING S V2.0 engine

Faithful to the philosophy of product development, innovation and best quality REDS Racing has released the M3 World Touring S V2.0, a 2.1 cc engine for the 1/10 On-road Touring Racing class. Everything that makes the World Touring S V2.0 unique today is an extraordinary step forward. The new and advanced flat piston and combustion chamber design matched with extra long stroke geometry guarantee extreme torque, more power and fuel economy than any other engine. Like every other REDS engine, they are hand-tuned and comes with a silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft by M.Rossi. Every single engine and part is hand inspected and compression checked by Mario and Marco Rossi to achieve the best quality standards. This is REDS World Touring S and all this makes the difference from any other standard engine. Our main purpose is to offer the most advanced technologies, best performance and reliability. Another main feature is the 7mm front crankshaft and bearing, made on purpose to assure higher stiffness and better performance. Furthermore, the WTS V2.0 features a stiffer crankcase and a new lightweight cooling system. The WTS V2.0 is also one of the lightest engines in its category thanks to a redesigned cooling head, a new combustion chamber and back-plate design. Reds Racing also gives you the chance to have your engine pre broken-in by Mario Rossi, a break-in bench service consuming 0.5 liters of high quality fuel that would need to be continued on the racetrack. After the pre-break in service the engine is disassembled and checked at the factory by Mario Rossi before heading to the customers. We advise to finish the break in on a track for a further 1 liters. It is recommendable to match the new engine only with REDS Racing original pipe EFRA 2674, manifold and optional parts.

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