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REDS Race Ready by Elliott Boots

We are pleased to introduce the REDS Race Ready engines by Elliott Boots. These engines are the first of their kind which allow you to be able to race engines that have been broken in and race ready tuned by 2x time European Champion Elliott Boots. The break in and final tuning will be made directly on the car using the best quality fuel to ensure performance and reliability. All you will have to do is assemble clutch and exhaust and mount engine to the car. Once the engine is mounted you will be able to compete in race conditions from the get go. No breaking in procedure is necessary with these engines. This service is available on REDS R5T Team Edition and R7 Evoke engines. You can also choose to combine Team Edition or Evoke engines in a Combo kit with their own exhaust and/or Quattro clutch system that will be broken in as well.

PART NUMBERS: #R5TTE4.0EB R5TTE Race Ready #R7E3.0EB R7E Race Ready #R5TEBRCO R5TTE + 2104 + S Race Ready #R5TEBRCF R5TTE + 2104 + S + QUATTRO Clutch Race Ready #R7EEBRCO R7E + 2112 + M RACE READY #R7EEBRCF R7E + 2112 + M + QUATTRO Clutch Race Ready

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