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Hoppe wins at German 1/8th On-road regionals and the North German Championship

Last weekend the last round of the north German 1/8th nitro on-road nationals took place at Braunschweig. It was a perfect weekend for REDS Team driver Lars Hoppe with TQ, win and fastest lap. Starting from pole position, Lars made the pace over the final followed by Merlin Depta and Lennart Skornia. The final began with a lot of action in the first corner, after Timo Schröder, Andreas Giesa and Michael Pätz crashed with a bad end for Timo and Andreas. At the end Lars was able to take the win one lap in front of Merlin and Lennart. Lars Hoppe's victory allows him also to win the overall North German Championship in front of Merlin Depta and Timo Schröder.

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