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Hannes Kaufler wins German Nats Rd4!

REDS Racing Hannes Kaufler wins German Nats_edited.jpg

The fourth round of qualification for the German Nationals in the south division was held at the MRC Senden track

Reds Racing driver Hannes Käufler took both rounds of qualifying to net him the TQ. Come the final the track was in pristine condition thanks to the club who did a great job in draining the water. Hannes would then go on to have a pretty flawless run and win the final in front of Sebastian Winterstein and Alex Schmitt.

Reds Racing engines ran awesome for all drivers with multiple engines in the final. Nitro Buggy Podium

• Hannes Käufler (REDS Racing)

• Sebastian Winterstein (REDS Racing)

• Alex Schmitt


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