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Italian Job Report


The 2015 edition of the the Italian Job Race was held this past weekend at IBR Padova in Italy featuring the usual turnout of local talent and internationally experienced drivers. Elliott Boots, powered by REDS R7 Evoke, 2104 pipe, s manifold, 7mm venturi, T5C plug, classified 2nd in the A-main after a stunning performance during the whole event. Elliott had classified 1st in the Semi B followed by Baruffolo and Berton.


REDS Racing new driver Jack Embling (R7 Evoke, 2113 pipe, S manifold, 7mm venturi, T5C plug) showed impressive performance during the whole race and eventually classified 10th in the A main.


We would like to congratulate Elliott Boots, Jack Embling, Leonardo Valente, Gianmarco Franzolini, Niko Flamini and all REDS Racing Team drivers for their amazing performance.


Pro Final:

2nd Elliott Boots REDS R7 Evoke 10th Jack Embling Reds R7 Evoke

Sport Final:

8th Gianmarco Franzolini REDS R7 Evoke

12th Niko Flamini R5T Team Edition

Electric Final:

6th Alessandro Remia REDS 2100 Kv

10th Thomas Musso REDS 2100 Kv


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