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M7 testa rossa alto_edited.JPG

We are proud to announce the release of our latest 3.5 cc 1/8 on-road masterpiece of engineering, the M7WCS RED SERIES. The RED Series is a limited edition of the M7 WCS engine. It represents our highest quality and best performance on-road engine.

The new engine boasts an additional tuning to the sleeve and to the crankshaft, besides the “traditional” tuning which characterises our entire product range. The main goal is to further increase engine power and top speed in order to guarantee the best performance.

Furthermore, the M7WCS RED SERIES features a new red anodised cooling head.It’s advisable to combine the M7 WCS RED Series with REDS 2113 pipe and L manifold or even better with REDS 2113 light pipe and TQ manifold.

M7 testa rossa alto.JPG
M7 testa rossa certificato.JPG
M7 testa rossa motore marmitta.JPG

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