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The REDS philosophy leaves nothing to chance.
Being at the top means always questioning oneself, and it is also done by choosing to undergo new types of additional external tests, all to bring one's quality capacity even higher, to offer, as always, unparalleled performance and emotions. This is why we decided to start a new collaboration project with VTB Racing Team:
“VTB Team Test for REDS - analysis and development of electric motors”
Eliott and Daniele.jpg
Our team driver Eliott Boots & Daniele Selvini, VTB tester driver for REDS

VTB Racing Team

During 2021 we got to know a very special team: the VTB Racing Team.
VTB Raing Team immediately stood out to us due to its fantastic work of "pre" and "on track" data acquisition. These data concern all types of electic RC models and are made available in zero time for pilots allowing for a better performance.

VTB Team Test for REDS

"VTB Team Test for REDS" was specifically created to make available to each driver a new system to analyze and understand, independently, how to get the most out of your model equipped with REDS RACING electric propulsion.
Stefano, Gian Marco e Elliott.jpg
Stefano Manelli (VTB programming development manager) , Gian Marco Naldini (VTB Team Manager) and Elliott Boots (REDS Team Driver)
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