The Reds Racing Pit Strategy App 

Reds Racing is excited to announce our new mobile app designed to take the guessing game out of your pit strategy and put it in the hands of our app! 

Thanks to our multi-year experience in the r/c racing world we offer you the opportunity to realize your own race strategy. Thanks to Reds Racing app you will never run out of fuel anymore. The new app allows you to calculate fuel consumption during qualifying or testing. Furthermore, you can calculate your race strategy lap time, race time and other variables. 

Thanks to the stopwatch in the app you can keep track of all your runs and you can also calculate the best lap and average time. The average time can be used to calculate the strategy. 



 • Elapsed time 

 • Remaining fuel 

 • Fuel tank size 


 • Estimated runtime 

 • Save your fuel milage 



 • Race time 

 • Average lap time 

 • Refuel lap time 

 • First lap time 

 • Total fuel mileage 

 • Stints you wish to do 


 • Stints in 

 • Lap in 

 • Time 

 • Safety 

 • Save your pit strategy 


 • Start 

 • Tap the screen to count your lap 

 • Stop 

 • Reset 

 • Save your session

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