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ESC REDS Z8 1/8 COMPETITION - Discontinued

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Part Number: SPCO0008
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Main Features:

  • Excellent power feeling and control thanks to power and brake control curve algorithms.
  • Excellent Braking characteristics for constant braking feeling at every speed.
  • Only High quality components.
  • Real time signal translation: The signals from the receiver are translated into throttle control signals in real-time for fastest throttle control.
  • 3 piece lightweight precision machined aluminum case with machined air ducts for improved cooling
  • Efficient cooling system that uses a cooling middle plate equipped with air ducts to channel fresh air directly to power PCB where the mosfet are installed.
  • High efficiency dual PCB design with high performance power board and ultra fast response digital control board
  • Advanced Timing settings: two RPM based timing settings and one Г¬TurboГ® (full throttle) timing settings
  • Switched BEC 6V and 7.4V: Easily switch between 6V and 7.4V BEC voltage for the best servo performance
  • ABC motor wire order protection: in case of motor wire reversal, the ESC cannot be damaged

Tech Spec:

  • Current Continuous: 220A
  • Peak Current: 1500A
  • lnput: 3-6S LiPo
  • Supported Motors:  Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motor [Auto detect], 2pole, 4pole, 6pole
  • Suitable Motor: 4S LiPo/ 12cell NiMH: 3000KV for 4274 size, 6S LiPo/ 18cell NiMH: 2400KV for 4274 size
  • BEC Output: 6V-7.4V @ 8A
  • Size (LxWxH): 55x40x34mm
  • Weight: 140g


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