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REDS Racing is 1/12 Stock European Vice-Champion 2018

Last weekend the 1/12 #European #Championship was held in the Netherlands. Host was the beautiful Racing Arena Limburg. 🏁

In 1/12 stock Markus Mobers used our new REDS RACING VX2 13.5 motor. Markus qualified a solid 3rd for the finals. 🚀

In the first A-main he finished 2nd. The second A-main was won by Markus, so the last A-main decided about the Championship.🚀

Unfortunately Markus struggled with a very loose car in the A-main, so he finsihed 3rd in the main.

Overall Markus took a great Vice-Championship for REDS RACING, which shows the potential of our new VX2 electric motors.


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