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Stringer Double Win in Cairns!


We arrived at the Cairns track on Friday for practice after a 4am start to catch our flight (2.30 hours). Cairns is an awesome place being located in far North QLD about 1,700 klm north of Brisbane. The track was located about 30mins from the airport, surrounded by mountains and sugar cane farms. It was very hot (35 degrees and around 60% humidity) and that was only 11am!!!!

We hit the track with the practice car and Aaron quickly found his groove. The REDS R5T Team Edition was our choice for this track for Buggy and Truggy. Both motors were on song straight away. The track was quite tight and twisty with a massive triple on the back straight that was around 10m long.


After an early night we hit the track for 4 rounds (7 min qualifiers) of qualifying Saturday morning. Truggy was up first and Aaron managed to take the TQ over local favourite Zac Cambetis by around 5 seconds. Buggy followed and once again Aaron managed to take the TQ by around 10 seconds. Round 2 we had an issue with the Truggy and suffered a DNF. However, normal service was resumed in Buggy with Aaron once again taking the TQ. Round 3 saw the opposite result with Aaron taking TQ in the Truggy but we suffered a mechanical issue with the Buggy and a DNF. Round 3 and everything went according to plan with Aaron taking the double TQ for the round.


Round 4 was held early Sunday morning and once again Aaron was able to take the the double TQ. This gave Aaron the double TQ for the event. The REDS R5T Team Edition never missed a beat and was the fastest motor down the straight.


The Truggy and Buggy A-Mains were set for 45mins each.Truggy was up first and Aaron got a great start and was pulling away comfortably till around the 8 min mark when a back marker crashed on the big back triple and with no where to go Aaron ran into him at full noise. I was amazed the car was still driveable, however, Aaron reported soon after that something was not quite right, the front right wheel/arm was doing some very strange things. At the next pitstop i noticed that the impact had completely sheared the the 4mm shock shaft!!!! Much to my (and everyone else's) amazement for the next 30mins Aaron managed to hold on to the lead with only 3 shocks. In the end he took the win by 15 seconds over a fast finishing Zac Cambetis. In the Buggy final Aaron was on a mission, 8 of his first 10 laps were in the 38 seconds bracket and by the first pit stop he had a 25 second lead over 2nd. He just kept on going and with a few issues for 2nd and 3rd Aaron won the final by 6 laps.Overall the R5T Team Edition performed faultlessly over the 3 days. We burnt over 6 litres of fuel with not one flame out and great fuel economy. Huge thanks to Marco and Mario Rossi and

Jay at Walter RC Engine Set-up Buggy:

  • R5T Team Edition

  • REDS TS4 plug

  • 6mm insert

  • Steel flywheel

  • REDS Clutch 4 x alloy shoes on low setting

  • REDS 2104 pipe

  • REDS S manifold

Engine Set-up Truggy:

  • R5T Team Edition

  • TS4 plug

  • 7mm insert

  • Alloy flywheel

  • REDS Clutch 4 x alloy shoes on high setting

  • REDS 2113 pipe

  • REDS XS manifold


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