REDS Tetra Clutch System Overview

One of the most common questions seem to be coming up is about the REDS Tetra 4-shoe clutch system. What do I need for a complete clutch setup? is one of those. The answer is, it depends. For the most part you need the following: complete clutch (32mm or 34mm), REDS 5X10X4mm clutch bell bearingsREDS Racing clutch bellsclutch bell retainer and shims. That's it. Now for tuning the clutch to specific setups, you can get the following tuning items:


Additionally, we have the new ALL aluminum flywheel setup proven to work with with the new REDS Racing 721 S Scuderia.

Of course you want to maintain your clutch so you may need replacement springs:



It is quite simple. You have the choose between different settings, L, M, H as well 1.1 springs and shoe configuration. You would run the clutch on L for slipper or low traction conditions, M is good around and H is for high-bite tracks. Some choose to use H all the time and control the traction with throttle control.


REDS clutch system is available both with 32mm and 34mm diameter to make it suitable for any type of car (Buggy and Truggy). 32 mm for Kyosho, JQ, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray. 34 mm for Mugen, Team Losi, Agama, Tekno. The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above. Only TEAM LOSI car requires the original LOSI bell. 

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