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Part Number: ENPS0009
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REDS M7 WCS Corsa Lunga Diamond Edition is a special 7 port extreme power 1/8 on-road engine based on REDS M7WCS 3.0 engine. REDS improved the previous M7 WCS On-Road engine with a DLC coated crankshaft, updated carburetor and cooling head, combined with the REDS anti-dirt sealing system. 

DLC Coated crankshaft, updated carburetor and cooling head, REDS anti-dirt sealing system, GEN2 venturi, made in Japan glow plug, lightweight back-plate design, flat piston, made in Japan front bearing, ceramic Swiss made rear ball bearing, XL extra long stroke, high bottom torque and power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption. 


Lightweight & Low CG: The M7 DIAMOND has a redesigned cooling head for improved air flow to increase the cooling and guarantee a low CG. The cooling head is lighter than the standard versions. Furthermore, REDS cooling head anti-dirt sealing system keeps the engine clean in a critical area between the cooling head and crankcase. The redesigned crankcase provides easier maintenance and a cleaner engine for longer life.
Advanced Carburetor System: The REDS On Road carburetor has been redesigned to get greater idle stability, more precise tuning and improved power delivery. REDS GEN2 venturi guarantees improved fuel mileage and higher torque maintaining mid and top range power unchanged. The innovative design improves carburetor fluid dynamics for a even better tuning stability. 
Handmade, Tuned & Assembled: All parts are matched and measured by Mario Rossi within certain tolerances, hand built and Tuned by him personally. The engine leaves the factory with a hand inspection of all components and compression is checked.
Redesigned DLC Crankshaft: The updated Tuned crankshaft features an improved aerodynamic design to increase horsepower and inertia to rotation. Crankshaft durability has been improved thanks to the special DLC coating. The crankshaft can last approximately 3 times more than a standard crankshaft thanks to the extreme hardness of the diamond coating. Even the conrod life is lengthened about 50%.
7 Port Sleeve: The engine guarantees high power at high RPM and low fuel consumption thanks to the 7 ports cylinder timing. The M7 World Cup has a flat and unique combustion chamber which increases torque. Flat piston technology guarantees additional power at low and medium RPM preserving fuel consumption.
Plasma Assisted Diamond Backplate Technology: The Diamond backplate is refined with a special anti-friction hard coating RDC. This coating allows decreased conrod-backplate friction improving engine efficiency and performance.
High Quality Low Friction Bearings: The made in Japan 7x19x6mm front bearing is especially designed for high RPM. It offers high precision and better sealing compared to metal shielded bearings, low friction and high reliability. The Swiss Made ball bearing guarantees longer life at high temperatures. The steel-ceramic hybrid rear bearing ensures low friction for higher RPM.

Displacement: 3.5cc 
Bore: 16.04mm 
Stroke: 17.32mm 
Inlet ports: 7 
Outlet ports: 3 
Front ball bearing: 7x19x6mm steel with rubber seal 
Rear ball bearing: 14x25.4x6mm hybrid ceramic 
Carburetor diameter: 9.0mm (8.0, 8.5 optional) 
Carburetor setting: 2 needle 
Glow plug: TS7 
Weight: 310g 
Cylinder system: ABC 
Exhaust type: Rear 
Recommended pipe: EFRA 2113 
Recommended fuel: 25% nitro, 8-9% oil 
Break-in fuel: 12% oil

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