2017 REDS Racing USA TEAM

So you want to race with REDS product? Do you have what it takes? 



You must race or compete at least once a month, travel in and out of your region and you must be able to communicate on a regular basis. You will live up to a higher standard. Being on a team is NOT about getting a good deal (though most think that). It is about building relationships, selling the brand, helping non-REDS drivers understand the value proposition of the brand and to get them purchase the products. That goal is to sell products that allow you to be more competitive. We expect you to provide us with your local shop information to procure more dealers to help you and help REDS grow in the market. When all this comes together, we have tight knit team that enjoys the sports as much as we do. 


REDS Racing USA is a serious company that cares about our product and reputation. Working with leading industry racers in the US and abroad, we will accommodate you with the tools and knowledge the best we can by communicating thoroughly with our team members. Providing support, tech tips and one-on-one sessions to better your position in the sport of RC Racing.

REDS Racing USA is looking for the best drivers that uphold a high value of integrity and not everyone can be a sponsored driver as we have limited spots available in your region. If this is you, keep reading.



Please read the following carefully or you may be rejected before you even have a chance.

Here are the requirements to submit your resume:
1) Your resume must be in a PDF or .DOC (word) format, preferably PDF.
2) Your resume must include a section about yourself besides RC Racing, your home track location and notable race results that help show the sponsorship level you deserve. 
3) Your resume must also contain a picture of yourself. *You can email this separately if you wish.

Email your submissions to: team@reds-racing-usa.com, when submitting, please indicate which class of motor you would like to run.